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Since 1989, under the name of Studio d'Ingegneria Avigo & Palumbo, and today as Ing4Tech we offer consultancy and expertise in the field of plant design, fire engineering and planning in the field of safety in the workplace.

Qualified Experience

The many years of work experience of the studio and the team of qualified professionals that compose it, allow us to offer our clients an attentive and professional service in the field of plant design and energy, in the civil and industrial sector, both public and private, from the design phase to the construction phase.

Integrated Design

In addition to the planning of plant engineering, the studio is able to offer a wider integrated design proposing itself to the customer as the sole referent of a "turnkey" service that, thanks to the collaboration with selected professionals, can offer the customer a complete design as well as in the field of plant engineering in the architectural, structural, electrical, acoustic, coordination and safety of the site.


Since 2018 the studio has evolved, expanding the number of its employees and turning into Ing4Tech S.r.l., with the aim of providing its customers with a service more and more quality and in step with the times.


The Ing4Tech engineering laboratory operates in the following sectors.

Hydrothermosanitary systems

- Civil and industrial heating systems with air, radiation, radiators, floor;
- Civil and industrial air conditioning systems;
- District heating systems;
- Gas distribution systems;
- Sanitary facilities;
- Solar thermal systems;
- Geothermal plants;
- Automatic irrigation systems;
- Air treatment systems;
- Water treatment plants;
- Steam production and distribution plants for industrial applications

Safety in the Workplace

- Preparation of the risk assessment document according to Legislative Decree 81 Article 28, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree no. 81 of 9 April 2008 as amended by Legislative Decree no. 106 of 3 August 2009 and subsequent;
- Preparation of the Fire Risk Assessment Document and the Emergency Plan, in compliance with the provisions of Ministerial Decree 10/3/1998, and subsequent amendments and additions;
- Elaboration of the Evaluation Document for single graduated risks (atex dust, chemical, electrical, ergonomic, legionella, load handling, stress), in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 81/08;
- Preparation of the Company Document: "Emergency Plan" (Procedure; flow diagrams; operating instructions);
- Preparation and implementation of plans showing the fire-fighting equipment and the Exodus Routes;
- Meetings with the person responsible for identifying the persons in charge of the Emergency Management Teams; drafting of letters of appointment and keeping minutes of meetings;
- Training course for the person in charge of fire-fighting measures and personnel using video terminals;
- Fire drill (coordinated local evacuation) with preparation of the appropriate register and recording of the times and methods of evacuation

Fire-fighting engineering

- Water supply systems;
- Sprinkler-type automatic extinguishing systems;
- Foam extinguishing systems;
- Automatic extinguishing systems with inert gases;
- Smoke and heat evacuating systems

Swimmer Systems Design

- Filtration systems and water supply for swimming pools and public and private swimming complexes

Energy Certification

- Preparation of technical report as provided for by art. 28 of Law no. 10 of 9 January 1991, Legislative Decree no. 311 of 29 December 2006 - ANNEX E;
- Energy audits of buildings;
- Energy performance certificate

Shipyard assistance

- Assistance of the company installing the systems during the execution phase;
- Solution of problems that arise during the construction phase;
- Coordination of the work of the various contractors;
- Executive surveys as-built plant;
- Updating of executive tables

Plants testing

- Instrumental checks;
- Tests;
- Final accounts

Administrative Practices Expulsion

- INAIL practices (formerly ISPESL);
- Fire Prevention Practices;
- Tax deductions for energy requalification expenses;
- Authorisation for water discharges;
- Single Environmental Authorization


- Functionality and safety check of plants;
- Conduction of steam plants;
- Advice on plant maintenance and manual processing of maintenance;
- Third Party Responsible (Law 10/91 - Presidential Decree 412/93 and subsequent amendments)

Training courses

- Organization of technical-professional training courses

Integrated Design

- Architectural design;
- Structural design;
- Design of electrical systems;
- Site coordination and safety;
- Acoustic impact assessment;
- Technical-administrative authorisation practices

Our Projects

Our office has intervened in the design of mechanical and fire-fighting systems for the settlements mentioned below

  • All
  • Hotel
  • Industrial
  • Show
  • Banking
  • Religious
  • Residential
  • Health
  • School
  • Sporting

Our customers


Our working group is made up of the following professionals.

Adelina Avigo

Founding Member

Roberto Palumbo

Founding Member

Laura Finardi

Design engineer

Fabiana Quaranta

Design engineer

Federica Villa

Design engineer

Sara Zambolin

Design engineer

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